YOU Choose Fabric, Designer Dog Crate Cover and Dog Bed Cover COMBO

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Designer Dog Crate Cover 100% Handmade in the US and designed with both front AND side door entry crates in mind. All 4 panels (front, back, left and right sides) are FULL length and can be raised individually when needed. No attachments of any kind to entice dogs to play with or pull the cover inside the crate. A makeover with a simplistic-minimalist exterior design to beautify your dog's space!

Choose from 63 designer fabric collections! Put the number of your fabric preference in the comments section when ordering.

1) Plato Italian Denim Waterbury
2) Cut Glass Italian Denim
3) Native Spruce Blue
4) Gerardo Italian Denim
5) Lotus Italian Denim
6) Farrah Prussian Blue
7) Boho Vintage Indigo
8) Brave Italian Denim
9) Avila Prussian Blue
10) Old Stone Taupe
11) Paco Taupe
12) Ricardo Taupe
13) Carlo Cove
14) Zara Driftwood
15) Native Driftwood
16) Dreamscape Taupe
17) Vine Cove
18) Miguel Taupe
19) Zara Sundown Grey
20) Costa Rica French Grey
21) Desert Valley Sundown Grey
22) Boho French Grey
23) Riverbed French Grey
24) Eastwood French Grey
25) Jing Regal Grey
26) Miguel French Grey
27) Ringo Talia Grey
28) Plato Blush Italian Denim
29) Braylon Blush
30) Buffalo Plaid Blush
31) Denver Blush
32) Hexagon Blush
33) Shapes Blush
34) Farrah Blush
35) Shibori Dot Blush
36) Costa Rica Blush
37) Jiri Ink
38) Braylon Ink
39) Avila Sable
40) Boho Ink
41) Lawson Sable
42) Buffalo Plaid Ink
43) Focus Ink
44) Riverbed Ink
45) Mini Swiss Cross Black
46) Paco Tuscan
47) Freehand Corn Yellow
48) Heni Golden Rod
49) Pixie Mimosa
50) Hexagon Brazilian Yellow
51) Fearless Brazilian Yellow
52) Hibiscus Mimosa
53) Vine Mimosa
54) Ginkgo Mimosa
55) Hexagon Revival
56) Ricardo Ocado
57) Samos Pine
58) Genesis Ocado
59) Mini Star Chartreuse
60) Cut Glass Pine
61) Newport Juniper
62) Fuzzy Buddies
63) Denver Pine

Some fabrics are one-directional (for instance fabric #62) meaning the design is going in only one direction. Our crate covers are designed where 'one' of the 'large' side panels would have the design upside down. We will put this on the "left" large side panel when looking at the front small door unless requested otherwise. If you plan to have one large side of the crate against the wall that will hide this. If the crate will be out in the room, we recommend you select a fabric collection that is not 1D.

COMBO = Crate Cover, Bed Cover and YOU FILL Water Repellent Liner. A liner is a separate inner cover with Velcro closure made from water repellent nylon which can easily be wiped clean. With a liner YOU have control of the stuffing and you'll be able to replace the stuffing when it needs refreshed or it goes flat unlike inserts that are sewn shut! Stuff with sleeping pillows, shredded memory foam, poly-fil, recycle your t-shirts, towels or blankets. Stuffing NOT included.

CRATE COVERS are precisely made to fit the crate, therefore, we recommend spot cleaning as machine washing will cause cotton to shrink and it will no longer fit the crate. If you find you need a more thorough cleaning some have dry cleaned the crate covers, though, we recommend you consult with a dry cleaning specialist. BED COVERS machine wash and tumble dry. LINERS can easily be wiped clean.

When shopping with us you have MANY fabric options to choose from! Every single item we create is sewn in our shop here in Northern Kentucky. Ready to have a dog bed cover or dog crate cover handcrafted just for your pup?

This item will ship in approximately 20 business working days (can vary slightly during peak times). A USPS tracking dispatch number will be provided when your order is finished.

If you have any questions, contact Amberlii for a prompt reply. Thank you for considering small business-handmade!